Automation Services

Pipeline Automation Service (PAS) is our electrical design, systems integration and systems programing division.  Our primary goal is to be more than just another vendor – to add value to the customer by delivering innovative and streamlined electrical automation services.  We take great pride in completing your tasks professionally, on time, and on budget.

Our end goal is to have everyone we work for want to call on our team regularly and recommend our services to a colleagues and associates.

We pride ourselves in providing industry-leading service at reasonable rates.

PAS continues to expand it’s capabilities.  Below is a “short” list of services and the wide scope of projects we have delivered and/or been directly involved with, along with the key services and products we typically target:

HMI and SCADA Systems Development

  • GE Cimplicity HMI, Proficy View, Quickpanels
  • Rockwell Control Logix, RSView / FactoryTalk View SE/ME, PanelView
  • Wonderware
  • Inductive Automation – Ignition
  • Red Lion Displays, Data Loggers, and Gateways
  • Other HMI and Touch Screen Systems

PLC Systems Development

  • Rockwell Control Logix, MicroLogix, RSLogix 5000/500
  • GE PAC systems (RX3i and RX7i) Proficy Machine Edition
  • Siemens S7 platforms, Step 7
  • Other Systems per Customer Requirements

Short Project List

  • Full Automation of Pipeline Stations, Truck Terminals, and Rail Terminals with datalogging and SCADA Interfaces
  • Condensate Process Plant – PLC/HMI Programming and Ongoing Support
  • Transmix Fractionators – PLC/HMI Programming & Control Panel Upgrades and Design
  • Remote Block Valve Sites (Complete Facility Electrical Plans, Programming, and Commissioning)
  • Projects Including Crude & Refined Products (Liquid and Gas)
  • LACT Skids (1-20 bays)
  • UL Approvals on Control Panels
  • Ongoing Remote Support
  • Control Systems Upgrades
  • Failure Analysis and Incident Investigations
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans and Services
  • Equipment Obsolescence Evaluations and Replacement Recommendations
  • Evaluation of Frequent Call-Outs and Alarms
  • Safety Concerns and Device Interlock Audits
  • Contractor Oversight and Coordination
  • Loop Check Coordination and Large Scaled
  • Factory & Site Acceptance Testing
  • Project Management, Coordination, and Oversight Support for Electrical and Automation Functionality
  • Drawing Reviews
  • PHA Reviews

When Considering various projects and the automation needs, we would like to become your partner and trusted advisor. We strive to be the first call with turnkey electrical and/or automation solutions.

Cable Testing / Hi Potential / VLF

Pipeline Technical Services provides a team of qualified technicians to perform cable testing from 480v up to 35KV cables. Our goal is to provide the customer the data recovered from our Cable Testing and ensure the system is in safe and reliable working condition. 

With routine evaluation and thorough documentation, you can track trends, which can help prevent catastrophic events that could lead to personnel injury or damaged equipment.


  • Insulation Testing – Megger – A field test conducted after cable installation, but before terminating or energizing. The test is intended to detect shipping, storage, or installation damage. IT should be noted that temporary terminations may need to be added to the cable to successfully complete this test, particularly for the cable rated above 35KV.
  • VLF Testing is nondestructive  – (Very Low Frequency) is a technique for testing of medium and high voltage cables. VLF systems are advantageous in that they can be manufactured to be small and lightweight; making them useful – especially for field testing where transport and space can be issues. Because the inherent capacitance of a power cable needs to be charged when energized, system frequency voltage sources are much larger, heavier and more expensive than their lower-frequency alternatives.
  • VLF Withstand Testing – Pass/Fail test. This is a durability test. The prospective value of the test voltage that equipment is capable of withstanding when tested under specified conditions.
  • DC High Potential Testing – Hipot Test is designed to verify that the insulation of a product is adequate enough to withstand high voltage. Performed by stressing the insulation of the product far beyond what it would encounter during normal use.
Electrical Construction
  • Crews experienced and fully equipped to manage and complete a large variety of projects
  • New Construction & Facility Upgrades
  • Medium & Low Voltage Systems
  • Power Feeders
  • Motor Control Centers
  • VFD’s and Starters
  • 480V Power and Controls
  • Instrumentation Installation and Configuration
  • Panel Building – PLC and I/O
  • Flow computers
  • LNG and Refined Products Truck Loading Systems
  • Various Automation Systems
Electrical Design and Drafting Services
  • New Facility Design and Existing Facility Upgrades
  • One-Line/Single-Line Diagrams
  • Control Panels Schematics
  • Loop Drawing and Termination Details
  • Wired and Wireless Network Designs
  • Facility As-Built Drawing Packages
  • Cause and Effect Diagrams
  • Control Narratives
  • PE Approved and Stamped Drawings
  • UL Approvals on Control Panels
Facility Pre-Commissioning, Startup and Checkout Services
  • Pre-Construction Onsite Teams Work with Inspectors and Electrical Contractor to Review Design Pre-Construction Questions
  • Onsite Support During Critical Phases of Checkout and Commissioning
  • Termination Point Verification Prior to Energizing Devices
  • Energize and Complete Local Loop Checks
  • Initial Calibration and Function Checks of Devices
  • Coordination of 3rd Party Vendors Checkout and Commissioning (VFD’s, Tank Gauging, Motor Control Centers, etc.)
  • Work with Company Operations and Technical Support Teams to Complete Checkout. (Hand Off to Facility)